HSE Dressing Medium:

Sterile, non-woven dressing sewn to polyester stretch bandage. Flow wrapped.

12cm x 12cm


Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm Flow Wrapped

HSE Dressing Medium: Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm Flow Wrapped. Sterile dressings may be used to control bleeding from a large wound or to absorb discharge from a minor wound. Be aware, dressings do vary in size, so be careful to select the correct dressing for use on a specific wound. Do not use a sterile dressing which is past it’s expiry date.

Sterile, non-woven dressing sewn to polyester stretch bandage. Flow wrapped.

Size: 12cm x 12cm

  • Premium quality sterile wound dressings.
  • CE Marked & Flowrapped for sterility.
  • Low-adherent Un-medicated absorbent pad.

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Using a Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm Flow Wrapped

See the full NHS guidance here.

Sterile dressing pads attached to bandages

Sterile (hygienic) dressing pads come in a protective wrapping. Bear in mind, once these are removed from the packaging they are no longer no longer sterile.

How to apply one:

  • clean and dry the wound and the skin surrounding it.
  • hold the bandage on either side of the pad.
  • place the pad directly on the wound itself.
  • wind the short end once around the limb and the pad.
  • wind the other end around the limb to cover the whole pad.
  • tie the ends together over the pad to secure it putting a light pressure on the wound.

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