Welcome to the Occupational Health division at the the Hive Collaborative. We provide a Occupational Health (OH) service to a wide range of businesses. These comprise SME’s to PLC organisations.

An Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination conducted by an Occupational Health Physician or Nurse. Its aim is to advise employers on the employee’s health and make recommendations on what adjustments could be considered to ensure a healthy & safe working environment. It can also assess somebody’s fitness to work.

We conduct OH assessments for a variety of purposes:

  • Short and long-term sickness absence.
  • Concerns over behaviour or performance.
  • Concerns over employee’s capacity or fitness to work.
  • Whether an employee is fit to attend a disciplinary or other meetings
  • Serious illness or accident.

An OH assessments main purpose is to advise the referring manager on the employees health issues, making recommendations for a safe return to work. Following the assessment, a comphrensive report will be provided to both the employee and employer.

Assessments can be completed at our site in Mold, at your site, a suitably located clinic, or the employees home address. For some referrals, a virtual meeting is sufficient to obtain the required information.

Hive Collaboration Concept

We are a National, integrated Health & Safety, HR, and Occupational Health company based in Mold, North Wales. We’re proud to have 2 members of staff who are fluent in Welsh. We offer leading edge, industry standard consultancy, advice and courses in all aspects of H&S, HR and Occupational Health. The ‘Hive’ of consultants and trainers work with you to deliver a 360 degree solution to mandatory H&S and HR obligations.” Paul Deaves, Managing Director, Assoc. CIPD.

Our Occupational Health team will work with your business like ‘bees in a hive’. All working together to achieve one goal, which is the successful completion of the project you assign us to. In the Occupational Health situation, it is likely one of our H&S or HR Consultants would have suggested a OH referral, and will fully manage this service for you. On completion of the occupational health assessment, a HR and (H&S consultant if necessary), will recommend solutions to you.

Other services:

  • Workplace Medicals.
  • Drug & alcohol screening.
  • Audiometry and vision screening.
  • Lung function tests (spirometry).
  • Stress awareness and management.

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When occupational health can be used

If you have an employee who is absent, due to sickness, for a long time or is returning following their absence an OH review is good practice to conduct.

If your company doesn’t have it’s own occupational health service you can use us to take care of the matter for you. It’s a straight forward, non-biased review for all concerned.

The OH adviser will carry out an assessment of your employee and provide a report to you with their findings.

This can help you understand what your employee needs to safely return to work:

  • Feel better.
  • Return to work.
  • Do their job.
  • Address any problems that could cause further health or absence issues.

An employee has had a back injury. Their employer asks an OH adviser to carry out an assessment.

The assessment says that the employee needs their work chair adjusted. The employer arranges the adjustment. This helps the employee work comfortably and without making their injury worse.

The employee does not have to agree to an occupational health assessment, but it’s a good idea as it can help them:

  • get any support they might need
  • get back to work quicker

Source: ACAS.

What happens in the Occupational Health assessment?

The Occupational Health Adviser will ask questions to the employee about:

  • Their health problem.
  • Any treatment they’re having.
  • Any concerns they have about returning to work.

In some instances, the occupational health adviser might need to get more information from the employee’s own GP. In which case, a consent form will be used, and the employee will be informed of the reasons for the request. All employees must consent to the report being share with the company, have the right to see the advisers report before it is presented to the company. It’s good practice to pay your employee whilst they attend the appointment.

How an occupational health assessment is used.

An OH assessment is a useful addition to the GP’s medical report because it’s focuses more on:

  • How the employee carries out their job.
  • how the employees job might affect their health and wellbeing.

The employer should always consider the recommendations of both the OH and GP’s reports.

On occasion, there can be conflicting advice. In this instance, it is always best to talk with your employees and come to an agreement on the best course of action. If you would like us to carry out this service for you we can.

The employer and employee can then plan the best course of action to help the employee back to work.

Typical Outcomes

  • A phased return to work, e.g. reduced working hours or lighter duties
  • A referral for an appropriate course of therapy, e.g. counselling.
  • Adjustments to their workspace, e.g. an ergonomic chair.

Finally it’s good practice to review the employees progress at regular intervals with 1-2-1’s, etc.

Next Steps

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