Qualsafe L2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control (RQF)

£75 + VAT per person

The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced the importance of infection prevention and control. This regulated and nationally recognised qualification provides learners with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the principles of infection prevention and control, and how best to protect those around them. The Qualsafe Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control (RQF) has been specifically designed for those who have a responsibility in infection prevention and control within their job roles, such as: care assistants, health care workers or other healthcare environments. Over a half day period, learners will develop a greater understanding of the principles of infection prevention and control. Topics covered include: personal hygiene, roles and responsibilities in relation to infection prevention and control and minimising the risk of infection in a healthcare setting.

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Infection Prevention and Control Course Location / Duration

This course can be conducted externally, or onsite to minimise business disruption / downtime if required. It's 4 hours long with flexible starting times to meet the needs of your operation. We are happy to conduct the course around the clock, during the evening or at weekends, etc. A small surcharge applies to courses conducted during out of hours times, see terms below.

Delivery Type Face-to-Face

Assessment Methods Multiple Choice Assessment at the end of the session.

Maximum Learners Per Tutor The Infection Prevention and Control course has a maximum ratio of 12:1

Requalification Process

It is recommended that you, or your staff undertake refresher training every 3 years.