Workplace First Aid Kits

Browse our range of professional workplace first aid kits which conform to British Standards. Work first aid kits are available in small, medium & large to cater for the number of people on-site in your organisation, venue or club.

First Aid Supplies

We sell empty first aid boxes as well as first aid kit refills. Be sure to keep yours in tip top shape! We recommend your business or perhaps club nominates a person to complete regular first aid kit checks. Weekly is usually suffice.

Best First Aid Kit

As mentioned above, all of our first aid kits conform to British Standards. Therefore, they are amongst the best first aid kits in the market. However, when deciding which first aid kit to buy, you might want to consider following:

  • Office environment – a rigid first aid box is ideal.
  • Outdoor activities – Sports first aid kits, e.g. football may be better pack in a waterproof first aid bag.
  • Travel first aid kits – Great for those on the road. It may need to be waterproof and the size will depend on people in the group. If you are not able to order new first aid supplies, you may want to take extra.
  • Car first aid kits – Both first aid boxes and bags are good. We recommend you Velcro it under the passenger seat or in the boot. But ensure it’s easily accessible.
  • Baby or children first aid kits. Any British Standard first aid kit, but ensure you have smaller dressings included in it.
  • Family & Home first aid kits – Refer to any of the above points to build your own first aid kit or bag. Ensure you buy British Standard.

First Aid Kits for Work

Does your current first aid kit meet HSE recommendations? Your workplace, (or clubs, etc.). first aid needs assessment will highlight the content requirements of your first aid kit. As a guide, where work activities are low-risk (for example, desk-based work).

Minimum requirement for workplace first aid kits:

  • a leaflet with general guidance on first aid (for example, HSE’s leaflet basic advice on first aid at work)
  • individually wrapped sterile plasters of assorted sizes
  • sterile eye pads
  • individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile
  • safety pins
  • large and medium-sized sterile, individually wrapped, unmedicated wound dressings
  • disposable latex free gloves
  • individually wrapped soap based wipes

We recommend you apply the same requirements for your:

  • Outdoor activities first aid kit
  • Travel first aid kits
  • Car first aid kits
  • Baby or children first aid kits.
  • Family & Home first aid kits

How many first aid kits do I need?

First aid equipment, facilities and first aiders must be accessible to workers whenever they are at work. It is important to remember, this needs to include those working night shifts or overtime. All workers must be able to access a first aid kit and it must be signposted. At least one first aid kit is to be provided in your workplace. The number of employees, and layout of your facility may mean you need more than 1 first aid kit. E.g. two buildings on one site.

Maintaining and replacing contents of a first aid kit.

You should check the content of your workplace first aid kit regularly. Many items, particularly sterile ones, have expiry dates. If a sterile item doesn’t have an expiry date, check with the manufacturer to find out how long it can be kept. For non-sterile items, without expiry dates it’s good practice to check that they are still fit for purpose.

Appointed Person

You should appoint someone to take charge of your first aid kit. An appointed person is someone who is responsible for your first aid arrangements. This includes looking after the equipment, facilities and calling the emergency services. Depending on the size of your organisation, there may be more than 1 appointed person as at least one appointed person must be available whenever people are at work. In some instances, no formal first aid training is required, however we do recommend as an absolute minimum your appointed persons hold an accredited first aid at work qualification. View our range of first aid courses by clicking here.

BS 8599-1:2019 Compliance

All of our workplace first aid kits conform with BS 8599-1:2019. If you are buying a kit look for British Standard (BS) 8599. By law, your kit doesn’t have to meet this standard but you should check it contains what you’ve identified in your needs assessment.

Why buy from us?

  • we stock a full range of British Standard first aid products and we sell them to you at amazingly low prices.
  • online security – our website has SSL certificates and we use the Trusted Stripe payment service for your peace of mind. We can also offer you payment by BACS or via invoice (account holders only).
  • in the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase we are happy to receive and back and issue you with a no quibble full refund.
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