Health & Safety Awareness Training Course – Ensure your moral & legal health and safety commitments are achieved. If you’re unsure of how to fully comply in this area, conducting one of our H&S courses should be your first step forward. No one should be made ill or injured through their work. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the main piece of legislation covering health and safety in the workplace. It outlines the responsibilities of both the employer and employee in ensuring there is a safe working environment.

Who needs Health and Safety Awareness training?

Everyone, in any organisation needs to do some form of Health & Safety awareness training. All employees, directors and contractors of such organisations need to have the knowledge, skills and abilities to manage health and safety within their area of work.

Business Benefits of Health & Safety Training

Businesses, and self employed trades people have a moral and legal responsibility for good health & safety management. Addressing health and safety should not be seen as a regulatory burden: it offers significant benefits which include:

  • Reduced risks.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Lower employee turnover and absence rates.
  • Fewer accidents and incidents.
  • Lessened threat of legal action.
  • Improved standing among suppliers and partners.
  • Better reputation for corporate responsibility among customers, investors and the general public.
  • Increased productivity, because employees are happier, healthier and better motivated.
Some Free H&S Information for you!

Table of H&S responsibilities for employer & employee.

Employee responsibilities Employer responsibilities
To take reasonable care of your own and others safety. Ensure health and safety training is undertaken by all staff.
Not to interfere or misuse anything that has been provided for your health and safety such as safety equipment. Provide appropriate protective clothing and equipment.
To cooperate with your employer by undergoing training, wearing protective clothing and by following health and safety policies. Make sure all facilities meet minimal health and safety requirement in regards to ventilation, temperature and noise.
To report any illness or injury that will affect your ability to work. Have an up-to-date health and safety policy.
  Maintain a safe working environment by ensuring equipment is properly maintained and safe to use, that appropriate warning signs are displayed and that adequate first aid facilities are available.

Overview – Health & Safety Awareness Training

The course is arranged into seven modules:

  1. Introducing Health & Safely.
  2. Understanding your responsibilities and the law.
  3. Identifying hazards.
  4. Assessing risks.
  5. Controlling risks.
  6. Investigating accidents and incidents.
  7. Measuring performance.
On completion of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Appoint a responsible H&S Officer.
  • Prepare a Health & Safety Policy.
  • Understand, and be able to complete risk assessments.
  • Be competent in conducting H&S checks and inspections.
  • Be confident in reporting and managing accidents and incidents.
  • Know how to consult workers on H&S matters.
  • Be confident to provide information and training.

H&S Awareness Course Location / Duration

This course can be conducted externally, or onsite to minimise business disruption / downtime if required. It’s 7 hours long with flexible starting times to meet the needs of your business operation. We are happy to conduct the course around the clock, during the evening or at weekends, etc. a small surcharge applies to courses conducted during out of hours times, see terms below.

Health & Safety Awareness training
Health & Safety Awareness training

Costs of poor health and safety in the workplace

HSE statistics reveal the human and financial cost of failing to address health and safety:

Each year:

  • Millions of working days are lost due to work-related illness and injury.
  • Thousands of people die from occupational diseases.
  • Around a million workers self-report suffering from a work-related illness.
  • Several hundred thousand workers are injured at work.
  • A worker is fatally injured almost every working day.
  • Organisations can incur further costs – such as uninsured losses and loss of reputation.
Delivery Type

Assessment Methods
Continuous assessment through the course.

Maximum Learners Per Tutor
The Health & Safety Awareness Course has a maximum ratio of 12:1

Requalification Process

It is recommended that you, or your staff undertake refresher training every 3 years.

Health & Safety Awareness Course FAQ’s

What are the main reasons for managing health and safety?

The main reasons for managing health and safety are Moral, Legal and Financial reasons. Course H&S Awareness course will cover these reasons in depth.

Who is responsible for health & safety in the workplace?

Both the employer, and the employee are responsible for health & safety in the workplace.

Do businesses have to have a health and safety policy?

The law says that every business must have a policy for managing health and safety. If you have five or more employees, you must write your policy down. If you have fewer than five employees you do not have to write anything down, but it is useful to do so.
You must share the policy, and any changes to it, with your employees.

What is a health & Safety policy?

A health and safety policy sets out your general approach to health and safety. It explains how you, as an employer, will manage health and safety in your business. It should clearly say who does what, when and how.

Onsite Course Terms

In order for us to carry out the course on your premises, please check:

• Your premises is within the area on the map below. We can and are very happy to travel further to provide Health and Safety Awareness training, but please contact us for pricing and availability prior to purchasing. We aim to provide affordable training to all areas of the UK, but additional expenses may be charged if we don’t have a Health & Safety Trainer in your area.

• A small surcharge, invoiced prior to the course will be payable before the course start date if you require us to complete the course outside Mon-Fri, 0800-1800.

o Friday 1800 to Monday 0800, additional £20 per hour. E.g., Health & Safety Awareness course is 7 hours. Additional charge = £140.

o Weekdays, Monday to Thursday, 1800- 0800 on Friday, additional £15 per hour.

o Bank holidays, 0000-0000, additional £30 per hour.

• A room of sufficient size to conduct the practical elements of the training (please bear in mind social distancing for Covid-19 compliance). For 12 attendees room size should be larger than 36 square metres.

• A room which is large enough to use and clearly display a projector screen (we supply), and is free from distractions, noise, etc.

• Access to welfare facilities.

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