Yesterday I saved a local business £465 for 5 people who needed an EFAW First Aid Course. Are you paying a fair price for your first aid training?

I hope you are well. I’m Paul, the owner of a business in Sandycroft, North Wales. I want to discuss a topic which I am very passionate about, this being first aid training.

**Are you paying over the top for your First Aid training?** 
**Savings up to £192 available!** Call me to discuss my findings.

Today, I have confirmed myself, that The Hive Collaborative, the company which Dr. Emma Poyner and I set up in 2020 are adhering to our core values of Excellence, Care and People.

My competitor price analysis, conducted today (30/06/23) shows that we are certainly offering competitive and fair pricing on our accredited First Aid at Work courses to our valued clients.

I’m proud to also note, that we ONLY use clinically qualified instructors. Whilst this is not a requirement for a first aid instructor, we strongly believe it’s essential and adds value. Competitors may not be using clinically experienced instructors such as doctors, paramedics and nurses who have personal experience of performing CPR (EXECELLENCE)

We believe we owe a duty of care to all we train, and offer a free debrief service to any member of your staff who has dealt with a serious incident or has delivered CPR or first aid. We know how important it is to look after each other after such an event. (CARE).

We explain WHY your employee is delivering first aid in the way they are, and what they are trying to achieve (the critical difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, why it’s vital to open an airway, prevent clinical shock and so on, ). We empower your team to look after each other safely in crisis situations. (PEOPLE)

Here’s a link to my latest video (FAQs on First Aid- 

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p.s. 🧠 Mental Health First Aid & 🚒 Fire Safety Training is also available.

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