Essential HR Updates with the Hive Collaborative – 13th September 2021

Job Retention Scheme (JRS)

On the 30th September, the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) is due to end. There has been a reduction in the overall number of collective redundancies. However, it is thought that we will see an increase in unfair dismissal claims as furlough schemes come to end. For advice on how to act correctly if you have concerns, and will potentially face issues regards this, contact us for more information asap.

Judicial review into mandatory vaccinations in care homes

There has been progress on the judicial review into mandatory vaccinations in care homes. The key challenges which are being argued are that the new laws go against existing ones; interfere with the right to bodily autonomy; indirectly discriminate on the grounds of race and sex; are irrational since they do not reduce transmission rates; breach the duty of sufficient inquiry since they didn’t consider the impact it would have on care homes, as well as the efficacy of alternatives (e.g. regular testing, PPE etc.); and breaches the duty to consult.

Automatic unfair dismissal

A recent EAT case (Simoes v De Sese UK Ltd) found that a dismissal was automatically unfair after a worker, Simoes, refused to cover a colleagues holidays, as doing doing so would mean working for 14 consecutive days, therefore breaching Working Time Regulations. Should you need information on dismissal proceedings, we’re here to help.

Scotland’s four-day week

The Government in Scotland have recently announced it’s proposal for a 4-day working week. At present, they have not given a start date for it, however some businesses have signed up to a trial. The Upac Group is one such company.

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