As a practicing GP I am already seeing the impact that the worsening cost of living crisis is having in our community. As an employer you are likely to see the effects on your workforce. Stress, anxiety and depression can affect any of your employees. Leading to poor performance disharmony in teams, increased sickness absence and an increase in staff turnover. A poll by Ciphr of over 1000 adults in the UK demonstrated that two in three people (68%) have felt stressed or overwhelmed at times during the last few months because of increases to their cost of living.  47% had attended work when unwell to avoid losing wages.

Can your business afford not to act now? Investing in Mental Health First Aid training supports your employees who may be experiencing mental distress, allowing them to access interventions at an earlier stage with the aim of keeping them in work at a productive level, reducing ineffective presenteeism and the length of sickness absence needed.

Deloitte (2017) have calculated that the return on investment for  every £1 spent on mental health provides more than £5 return by reduction of staff turnover and absenteeism.

Mental Health in the workplace
Addressing mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid Training

The Hive Collaborative delivers 3 levels of Mental Health First Aid training:

The half day Level 1 Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace course is suitable for those of age 16 and over who have an interest in Mental Health and would like to raise their awareness of Mental Health within the workplace and in general. 

The 1 day Level 2 Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace course is suitable for those over the age of 16 who have an interest in mental health and would like to raise their awareness and be able to listen and signpost work colleagues to a professional body that can provide support. 

The more comprehensive 2 day Level 3 Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace course is suitable for managers and those with responsibility for employees. 

We are also available for ongoing support and advice after completing your Mental Health First Aid training with us.

Topics covered in the Level 3 Mental Health in the Workplace 2 day course include :  

  • Understanding mental health and its importance
  • The roles and responsibilities for mental health in the workplace
  • Importance of own wellbeing as a mental health first aider
  • Common mental health conditions including e.g. work related stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders
  • Promoting positive mental health first aid in the workplace
  • How employers can provide support to employees in the workplace
  • Procedures to support employees who are off work whilst experiencing poor mental health
  • Types of support available both locally and nationally

Further Information

Would you like to discuss these courses further? Please get in touch and we’ll help you select the best course for your business.

Kind regards

Dr Emma Poyner, MBChB, MRCGP, BSc (Hons), CEO of The Hive Collaborative

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